Wednesday, December 28, 2016

First Day Box Office Collection Of Green Room Movie

Green Room is a 2015 American horror film[4] written and directed by Jeremy Saulnier, and produced by Neil Kopp, Victor Moyers, and Anish Savjani. The film stars Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots, and Patrick Stewart, and focuses on a punk band who find themselves attacked by neo-Nazi skinheads after witnessing a murder at a remote club in the Pacific Northwest.
Filming began in October 2014 in Portland, Oregon. Green Room was screened in the Directors' Fortnight section at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.[5] The film began a limited release on April 15, 2016, before being widely released on May 13 through A24.

First Day Box Office Collection Of Green Room Movie:

Pat, Sam, Reece, and Tiger are members of a punk band, the Ain't Rights, traveling through the Pacific Northwest. After their gig is cancelled, local radio host Tad arranges a show outside Portland through his cousin, Daniel. At the club, a neo-Nazi skinhead bar in the remote Oregon woods, the band opens with a Dead Kennedys cover, "Nazi Punks Fuck Off". This angers the audience, but they win them over with their original songs.
After the show, Pat returns to the green room to retrieve Sam's phone. He sees members of the neo-Nazi band Cowcatcher and the body of a girl, Emily, who has been stabbed to death. Emily's friend Amber asks Pat to call the police. He does so, reporting a stabbing, but bar employees Gabe and Big Justin confiscate the band's phones and hold them hostage in the green room.
Gabe pays a skinhead to stab another to create a cover story for the police who respond to the call. He consults with bar owner and skinhead leader Darcy, who decides to kill the band to eliminate witnesses.
The band overpowers Big Justin and holds him hostage, leading to negotiations through the door with Darcy, who asks them to surrender the gun. Pat agrees, but as he opens the door and begins to hand over the gun, Darcy and his men slash at Pat's arm until he drops the gun. He manages to close the door. Big Justin attempts to attack the band, but Reece chokes him into unconsciousness and Amber disembowels him with a box cutter.

Searching for a way out, the band discover an underground drug lab, but the only exit is locked from the outside. Arming themselves with improvised weapons, they exit the green room into the empty club, but are attacked by a pit bull, which kills Tiger. Chased onto the stage, Amber and Pat drive the dog away with microphone feedback. Reece tries to flee through a window, but is stabbed to death by a skinhead. Pat, Amber, and Sam retreat to the green room. Darcy sends Daniel into the club to kill the band, who Darcy claims murdered Emily. Amber tells Daniel that it was really the skinheads who murdered her. Daniel agrees to help them escape and leads the band into the club, where he is shot by the bartender. The group kills the bartender and takes his shotgun, but Darcy and his men kill Sam and wound Amber, who scrambles back to the green room with Pat.

First Day Box Office Collection Of Criminal Movie

Criminal is a 2016 American science fiction action crime thriller film directed by Ariel Vromen[4] and written by Douglas Cook and David Weisberg. The film is about a convict who is implanted with a dead CIA agent's memories to finish an assignment. The film stars Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman and Tommy Lee Jones, in the second collaboration between all three following the 1991 film JFK.
Principal photography began on September 4, 2014, in London. The film was produced by Campbell-Grobman Films and Millennium Films and was released on April 15, 2016.

First Day Box Office Collection Of Criminal Movie:

When industrialist-turned-anarchist Xavier Heimdahl arranges for his associate Jan Strook- a hacker known as 'the Dutchman'- to create a wormhole program that would allow the owner to bypass all computer codes protecting the world's nuclear defense codes, the Dutchman panics and attempts to hand his secret over to the CIA. He makes contact with London-based agent Bill Pope, but although Pope is able to get the Dutchman to a safe house and recover the money to pay him for his services, he is caught by Heimdahl's men and tortured to death before he can tell anyone where he hid the Dutchman.
Desperate to find the Dutchman, Pope's CIA supervisor Quaker Wells contacts Dr. Micah Franks, who has developed a treatment that could theoretically plant the memory patterns of a dead man onto a living one. Keeping Pope's brain stimulated to preserve its knowledge, Franks requests that convict Jericho Stewart be the subject of the procedure, as Stewart's criminal behavior is the result of childhood brain trauma leaving him with an underdeveloped frontal lobe, hindering his emotional development and impulse control, that they can use to 'graft' Pope's knowledge into Stewart's mind.
While the process initially appears unsuccessful, Jericho is able to escape custody while being transferred after the operation, faking his death and heading to Pope's house, where he ties Pope's wife Jillian to her bed and gags her mouth with duct tape, is able to disable the house alarms and delay an investigation of the silent alarm which Jillian manages to activate. As time goes on, he experiences memory flashes of Pope's past, but all he can determine is that the bag of money was hidden behind a shelf of books relating to George Orwell, without identifying where it or the Dutchman are kept.
The CIA becomes increasingly anxious to find the Dutchman when they learn that he is now planning to sell the program to the Russians, believing that the CIA has betrayed him. Fortunately, they are able to find Jericho after he contacts Dr. Franks for medication using Pope's CIA codes, Franks' questioning confirming that Jericho is developing emotions as well as drawing on Pope's experience. As Jericho attempts to retrace the route Pope took to hide the Dutchman, Heimdahl creates a distraction at the airport that draws Quaker's attention, allowing Heimdahl's henchwoman Elsa to try and capture Jericho, killing his CIA guards before Jericho escapes by driving off a bridge.

His leg injured in his escape, Jericho retreats to the Pope house, where he encounters Jillian and explains the situation to her. Although initially concerned, Jillian comes to accept Jericho's story as she sees him interacting with her daughter Emma, allowing Jericho to stay the night. The next morning, Jericho realizes through a conversation with Jillian that the bag is hidden in the rare books collection at the University of London where Jill works. He attempts to retrieve the bag but he is captured by Heimdahl and Elsa once he has found it. Heimdahl forces him to take them to the Dutchman or he will kill Jillian and Emma.